Pay Per Click(PPC)

? Why do we use PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another extremely common digital marketing strategy offered by digital marketing companies in the INDIA. It’s a cost-effective strategy that allows your business to target ideal customers based on keywords they search, demographic info, and more.

PPC ads are also popular since they start driving website traffic as soon as they go live

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience. It allows you to reach them where they’re already looking, and gain a leg up against competitors.

GeoGO Infotech can deliver a custom PPC campaign to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company with our PPC management services.

Check out our pay-per-click management pricing table below to see what’s included in each of our PPC service plans, and to learn more about how paid ads can drive results for your business.

PPC is a way of marketing and advertising your product or service by paying search engines or other platforms for the number of clicks. It is an ad campaign strategy that is used to boost brand awareness through the mode of payment. Our team will create great copy ads and content to boost your business through PPC advertising.

Geogo Infotech is a team of experienced and professional IT specialists and digital marketers. The team is well equipped in optimizing the website, writing content and blog posts, debugging, designing, and developing the website so that the business boosts in the market and brand awareness increases. And it dives more and more into conversations and sales. Thus, the business revenue increases for the company after taking the services from Geogo Infotech. Geogo infotech will help you in getting more and more conversions through it services and experienced team effort. Our team will create copy ads, content ads, newsletters and infographics which will boost your business through PPC advertising. The benefits you will get in PPC services –

  • Google Ad words
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • Pay Per click Audits
  • Social Advertising
  • Display Advertising

How Does PPC Marketing

Help to Scale up Your Business?

Hassle-Free Beginning

Irrespective of when you start, Paid marketing can deliver you quick results. It is not only easy to embark on for us, but it can speed up your journey of receiving pay per clicks to get your campaign running. Additionally, it won’t keep you restricted to your prevailing customer list and search for new prospects. Being a professional PPC company, we help businesses to evolve and get the most out of your paid advertising campaigns

Ideal Customer Targeting

Pay-per-click marketing can connect you to the ideal customers for your business. Factors like search behaviour and online activities can serve as the base to identify the target customers. It priorities and approaches them during their purchase decision. Concurrently, it offers multi-layered targeting through elements like user’s interest, location, and age. SEO Discovery is the best paid marketing agency that knows how to determine your target audience and create a PPC marketing strategy to help you succeed now and in the future.

Faster Outcome

You can garner faster outcomes with pay-per-click marketing and reach thousands of people as well. A greater number of individuals search for local businesses online, and that's where you can approach them with an apt PPC strategy. The initial three months fall under the testing period, so you can gain valuable data and focus on overall performance. Using effective strategies, SEO Discovery can help you get the most leads under your budget in just a short time span.

Risen Conversion Rate

For your business, pay-per-click ads can encourage conversion rates. It also comes with split tests (A/B tests) which allows the creation of different ads for your brand. A/B testing also offers enhanced user engagement, quick results, and improved conversion values. This helps to demonstrate the ideal campaign to obtain the highest conversion rate possible. We offer paid marketing services including A/B Testing to improve conversion by checking the performance metrics of landing pages like conversions, clicks, and traffic analysis.

One-Time Campaign Promotions

Pay-per-click is a cost-effective approach as you just need to start campaign promotions only once with a short sales cycle. You only have to pay for your promotions when you receive a user on your website. You can also choose your bids, ad budget, and the amount of money to invest in your campaign promotions. Being the professional ppc campaign management company, we create search engine ads for one-time campaign promotions to target the leads in a particular industry to get you the best results.


For unique business concepts like yours, Pay-per-click offers customisable ad performance. You can optimize your ad performance with extensive marketing data available. Whether it is keywords, placements, audience targeting, or any particular zip codes, you can choose every aspect. Even with an active campaign, you can make small adjustments to find the best. SEO Discovery offers customized PPC management services and targeting strategies to enhance website conversions, traffic and revenue.

Easy-to-Track Data

Your business can measure and track data easily. For google ads, you can use the Google Ads tool and Google Analytics. It can take you to high-performance details such as clicks, conversions, and impressions. You can also get a clearer picture of pay-per-click campaign performance. You can quickly learn about the return on your investment. Our professional PPC services focus on driving more conversions that actually matter for you and your business.

Access to Multiple Channels

The concept of paid marketing is not limited to Google Ads and can comprise various online platforms. Pay-per-click can allow you to use many marketing channels and connect with a wider audience. Moreover, it also works hand-in-hand with other forms of marketing, including content marketing and search engine optimization. We are a PPC marketing company that uses multiple channels beyond the traditional marketing activities to help earn new leads for your business.

Industries We Provide

Our PPC Management Services


In the finance industry, getting ranked on the first page of search results is highly competitive. But you can get positive results in real time with the help of a solid PPC marketing campaign. We at SEO Discovery create and execute effective PPC strategies to strengthen the marketing of your finance business. Whether you are credit unions, banks, investment funds, or insurance providers, we can offer affordable PPC services for you.


Nowadays, patients are getting more selective than before, when it comes to picking a healthcare provider. So, your healthcare brand deserves to get frequent visits and wider exposure. Being a renowned PPC marketing agency, we can help you create and maintain a successful PPC campaign that helps to find, engage and acquire new clients & patients.


Ecommerce companies perform in a highly competitive marketplace overpowered by national wholesalers and huge sites like Amazon. So, an effective PPC campaign is a must-have for your eCommerce brand to cut through the clutter and become more visible online. We at SEO Discovery can help drive leads for your e-commerce brand and reduce cart abandonment with our effective ecommerce ppc services.


Due to the increase in digital marketing channels, educational institutions are getting more challenging and competitive. And PPC is one of the best approaches adopted by educational institutions to reach out to their potential students. SEO Discovery can be the cornerstone for the return on your investment. Our educational PPC marketing helps you set a strong online presence and enhances enrollment and awareness.


PPC can empower the brands with extra visibility, help online stores compete with large retailers, and enhance brand awareness. If you also want to connect with your buyers through PPC, We are the go-to stop for advertising your lifestyle brand through pay-per-click marketing. Our goal is to leverage the relevant ppc advertising services to contribute to your business goals and bring the best, major, notable, and positive impact on your brand.

Real estate

Your real estate website needs to get closer to your potential clients. PPC can be an ideal marketing approach you need to get the desired popularity, no matter whether you are new to this industry or a renowned company. With our paid marketing services, we can speed up the process for you. Considering the business needs, we can customise the strategies as well.


Our PPC Services

Pay Per Click or PPC is a smart technique of purchasing the clicks to the paid advertisements placed on a website. Waiting for the organic views and clicks is an old-school now. Ranging from the emails to social media; the PPC service covers all the possible domains that yield the best ROI for your business. PPC is a great tool that builds a huge future value for your website. PPC provides instant traffic and a great ROI. It helps your website traffic in ramping up soon so that you can enjoy high yields without waiting for months. One of the most frequently used forms of the PPC Management is Search Engine Advertising. Advertisers pay for their ad placements in the sponsored links of the reputed search engines whenever a premium keyword related to the advertiser’s business is searched online. Web Pruners, PPC Company in Noida & Delhi, provide the entire spectrum of PPC marketing services.

  • Google Ad words
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • Pay Per click Audits
  • Social Advertising
  • Display Advertising