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BPO is a process in which organizations enter into contracts for some of their business functions with external companies. A BPO arrangement is when a company outsources some of the non-core processes or functions of the business to an outside supplier so that it can concentrate more on the key competence areas of the business.

There are two main categories of BPO:

Front Office Outsourcing:

Front Office Outsourcing includes customer-oriented activities, like customer service, sales, marketing, and telemarketing. This consists of customer care services, product support, sales, advertisement and telesales among other things. Front office outsourcing centers on customer/ client facing activities. This is the kind of outsourcing is where some activities which concern customers and clients are delegated to an external contractor.

Back Office Outsourcing:

Back Office Outsourcing Covers internal business processes such as data entry, billing, making payments, and general office administration functions that are necessary for a business to operate. As opposed to providing services directly to the end customers, back office outsourcing refers to the outsourcing of internal business processes and functions that are necessary for the organization’s operations to be successful. In the Back Office Outsourcing, we cover data entry, billing, payroll, human resources, and other administrative functions.


Geogo infotech is a trusted and authentic BPO training provider in Varanasi, Noida and Dehradun. In the training programme at Geogo Infotech, you will learn the soft skilla and the hard skills required in the field of BPO in the most affordable fee. In the training period you will learn Customer service, sales, marketing, accounts management, human resource management etc. and also team work as well as collaboration. However, here are common topics and skills covered in BPO training at Geogo inoftech Pvt. Ltd.:

Communication Skills:

In terms of BPO, communication remains essential; even more so in customer-facing position. The training may include issues of communication including speaking and writing, active listening, and diversity of audience.

Customer Service Skills:

BPO often entails offering customer service support. For instance, trainings can involve how to solve problems, handling difficult scenarios, using customer service techniques, and being optimistic.

Product or Service Knowledge:

It is important to understand what the client does especially the products or services they offer. Training can be provided into details about industry, products and service so as to guide on how to answer customer’s quests.

Technology and Software Training:

BPO jobs often require particular software and technologies as well. For example, training may involve teaching on the use of CRM applications, ticketing processes, and other necessary software.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

The majority of BPO professionals operate within teams. The training can be more specific focusing on issues of effective team work such as collaborative approaches to working together effectively in teams, team communication among others.

Professional and expert teachers

In the training programme, you will trained by the expert teachers, who have years of experience in the field of BPO. BPO training at Geogo infotech ensures that students are well prepared for performing optimally in various outsourcing jobs such as, customer service and the technical department among others. There are various types of training programmes which provide a combination of theoretical knowledge together with practical exercises and simulations aimed at making one apply what has been learnt in a concrete situation in the training programme.

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  • Tata Consultancy Service
  • Wipro BPO
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