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The Digital Marketing seminars presented by GeoGo Infotech Pvt Ltd are often considered the best in the Digital Marketing industry. Our well-respected Digital Marketing expert work tirelessly to improve the student’s knowledge.

Recorded Video Lectures

Any interested student can sign up for access to the recorded video lectures. Students interested in digital marketing but are unable to attend classroom lectures due to work or other obligations can now benefit from our on-demand recorded video lectures.

On-Site Training

We provide traditional classroom lectures for those looking to enter the rapidly expanding digital marketing industry. Each of our students receives personalized attention from one of our professionals.

Why GeoGo Infotech Pvt Ltd?

We are here over the course of the years to give quality preparation to understudies and not simply furnish them with declarations. We endeavor hard to show you a superior vocation way.

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Explore Our Most Popular Courses

Advance Course in Digital Marketing

120 Hours on Live Projects

Web Designing & Web Development Course

120 Hours on Live Projects

Specialized Paid Marketing Course

120 Hours on Live Projects

Business Development Executive

120 Hours on Live Projects

Career Options in Digital Marketing

Selecting the top advanced promoting course will give you a more than adequate number of vocation decisions. Basically, there are various energizing open positions in this area. While particular work jobs require various obligations, a Computerized Advertiser might be expected to wear numerous caps at various times.


Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers make use of various metrics and sophisticated analytical tools to study the ways in which customers interact with the business online. They also help businesses develop attention-grabbing social media marketing campaigns and content.


Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers have excellent time management and communication skills. As a result of their efforts, projects are on schedule and within budget.


SEO Specialist

An organization's marketing efforts are overseen by the Marketing Director. Before developing a strategy, the marketing directors conduct research to better understand their target demographic. Additionally, they also oversee and guide the marketing staff.


Email Marketing Specialist

Experts in email marketing have excellent writing (and particularly persuasive writing) and editing skills. Marketing email lists are compiled, enticing email campaigns are developed and implemented, and new offers are introduced by these professionals


Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is the person in charge of the marketing department of the company. The marketing directors analyze and evaluate the intended audience before creating a business plan. They are also in charge of supervising and directing the marketing team.


? Is everything for this course done online? Should I schedule in-person visits to any courses?

Since this digital marketing course can be taken either online or offline, it is entirely up to you to decide which option is best for you.

Upon enrolling in our course, you will have access to a 7-day free trial period during which you may cancel without any fees. After your free trial ends, you will not be entitled to a refund, but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. For further details, please see our full refund policy.

Unfortunately, no! But your knowledge will be of the best value in the digital marketing field.

You should think about the courses in the Digital Marketing course in the order given. You will be able to synchronize what you've learned during the course and put it all to use in the final project report.

This digital marketing training program by GeoGo Infotech Pvt Ltd is designed to stand on its own. Extra effort or materials are unnecessary.

You can call our helpdesk team to have all your queries solved regarding the courses.

Anyone can enroll in the Digital Marketing course; prior knowledge is not necessary. However, a bachelor's degree is generally seen as the entry level requirement for those seeking careers in digital marketing. In addition, the candidate should be comfortable using the Internet and have strong communication skills.

Our digital marketing course is available online, in-person, or through recorded sessions. Live, hands-on instruction in digital marketing via video chat app ZOOM is included in this online course. Offline approach needs a visit to our classes. Within Recorded sessions, you may watch previously recorded presentations from our digital marketing and project management professionals.

We offer 6 months of internship training in digital marketing. Undergraduates must complete REAL WORK for national and international companies. During their course, students will also receive a monthly stipend.

There is no doubt that working in digital marketing will provide you with a comfortable living. Beginning digital marketing managers in India can expect to earn a median annual income of around 5 Lakh Rupees. Whereas, in India, a Senior Digital Marketing Manager with 5-9 years of experience can expect to earn a salary of between 7 and 10 lakhs.

The Digital Marketing Course can be completed in three months. To what extent you succeed in Digital Marketing Course depends entirely on your own personal aptitude and level of preparation for the course's contents. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be recognized as a digital marketing expert.

Yes. We provide all qualified students a full complement of employment services. We conduct a brief interview and, if the student passes, we hire them on the spot as a full-time employee. The placement of our students is facilitated through our partnerships with other digital marketing firms in India and abroad.

Yes. The course culminates in the awarding of a Digital Marketing Certificate to everyone who complete it. We also offer certificates for students in digital marketing internships and digital marketing industrial training.

The Digital Marketing course provided by is not at all expensive and very much affordable for everyone. To get particulars in detail call or e-mail our student helpdesk team.